Why Study in Harbin, Capital of Heilongjiang?

Harbin has the most standard Mandarin in China. Learning standard Mandarin from the start will prepare you for traveling to or living in any other Chinese city. Whereas starting in a Southern Chinese city may negatively influence your Mandarin study and accent.

Harbin has a much lower cost of living than any other Chinese city of its size. While you are studying your course, keeping your costs down is important.

Harbin has all the modern conveniences of the West but has kept its Chinese character and traditions. Other major Chinese cities such as Beijing or Shanghai have lost most of their Chinese character during their westernization. Learn the customs and traditions of real China and you will be leaps ahead of other foreigners that only learn the watered down customs of Beijing or Shanghai. If you later move to cities such as these you will be better positioned to compete.

What kind of clothes should I bring to Heilongjiang?

In all cities of Heilongjiang, the winter is very cold and long, if you don't want to spend a lots of money to buy new clothes(in fact, Heilongjiang is a most modern and fashionable province of China, you can buy clothe after you come) you had better to bring your coats to there.

If I want to rent an apartment, what is the additional expenditure?

In winter, you need to pay the heating fee. It is charged by the area of apartment.

What is the unmissable food in Heilongjiang?

Harbin sausage is very famous as its fantastic taste.